The bayescount package


The bayescount package for R contains a set of functions to allow analysis of count data (such as faecal egg count data) using Bayesian MCMC methods. It returns information on the possible values for mean count, coefficient of variation and zero inflation (true prevalence) present in the data. A complete faecal egg count reduction test (FECRT) model is implemented, which returns inference on the true efficacy of the drug from the pre- and post-treatment data provided, using non-parametric bootstrapping as well as using Bayesian MCMC. Functions to perform power analyses for faecal egg counts (including FECRT) are also provided. The bayescount package is hosted on CRAN as well as this sourceforge page.


The package can be downloaded from here. Running the MCMC functions also requires the installation of JAGS and runjags.


All code provided is Copyright (C) Matthew Denwood, licensed under GPL-2.

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